GM's Pre-Winter Escape

I hope all is well back at New Zealand’s Most Loved Beach! I have survived my first excursion off the top of New Zealand through heavy 4m swells to the Three Kings. What an amazing place!! It's like going back in time to Jurassic World, wild islands (not live like White Island) in which appear from the ocean in the middle of nowhere, no Wifi, no cell coverage.  

BIG fish!!!! Shortly after a 12 hour boat trip from Maunganui to Three Kings, we arrived in darkness and were straight into squid fishing. These amazing little creatures were a foot long, nothing like the one in our freezer we sell as bait. The next morning we hit the Marlin trail in search of a trophy game fish. After 5 hours of bouncing around in 4m swells, we were teased by stripe marlin to no avail. However, this lifted the spirits of the team and we carried on for the rest of the day only to catch a 150kg bronze whaler shark.

Day 3 presented us with plenty fish. We fished close to the Three Kings hiding amongst the incredible islands from the swell which made it a much more comfortable day with plenty of action. The anglers caught twenty five Kingfish all over the 20kg mark with nearly all of them tagged and released back into the ocean. Also plenty of Trevally around the 6-7kg mark. It's a whole different ball game than fishing in the trusty red inflatable off Ohope Beach.

Four days in and I still haven’t touched a fishing rod other than to bait for someone else’s enjoyment. However, by now with my water ceramic specialist skills I was able to wash the dishes only using 2 litres of water (I was told we need to conserve water before we left) and good at keeping the boat looking spick and span!

Time to head back for NZ, we returned at a steady 8 knots much like walking pace at the camp. We enjoyed an hour of fishing for Blue Nose and Hapuka at 330m deep. This is when you as a deckhand sit back and laugh at the poor person grinding away as they real in the fish from those depths. Another successful session! One hour before the tip of the North Island as we were about to give up on the marlin game and start the Snapper attack, BOOM!!! We got lucky a 110kg stripe marlin. I had the honour of tagging it then we released him back to the ocean, very cool. Snapper fishing was incredible, the fish were giants nothing smaller than 14 pound which puts out snapper off the camp to shame. All in all, the trip into the wild was well worth the cooking and cleaning for the week. Look out housekeeping team, I have learnt a few new tricks.

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